RELEASED: March 25, 2017

Last summer a body washed up onto the rocks, and the case belonged to RCMP Constable Dion. Now he's  back home in North Vancouver after a year's relocation to find the case still open but grown cold.

While Dion works to fit back in and put closure to the Jane Doe drowning case, newly arrived Constable Dave Leith is learning to cope with his first big-city posting. But he and the team have bigger concerns: Why would anyone beat up a young electrician, then track down his wife and baby girl to finish them off? It is a motiveless and haunting killing that leaves behind one small witness and a handful of cryptic clues. And who has battered, hooded and asphyxiated a wealthy nightclub owner in his own garage? A case of home invasion, by the looks of it -- Leith however has a less abstract set of suspects to deal with: the victim’s business partner and his strange little clan.

He also has to deal with the mystery that is his difficult coworker, Cal Dion. What really happened on the night of the car crash, who really died, and where is the body buried?

In Undertow, The North Vancouver General Investigations Section is put to the test,
with two front-page crimes to solve, one tragic cold case, and Dion seemingly hopelessly lost at sea.









(Excerpt coming soon!)