The heavy October rains seem to have brought a variety of disasters to North Vancouver. A missing hiker is found by his children – had he been frightened to death? -- collapsed on an old-growth forest trail in the Lynn Headwaters park; a foul smell leads first responders to a mauled body in a crawl space; a trick-or-treater is struck down by a driver who flees the scene unpunished; a small boy is attacked by a man in wolf form and left for dead.

Many of the cases seem linked to somebody or something lurking in the woods that surround the peaceful suburbs of Lynn Valley, and the North Shore RCMP work in the teeming rain, to bag him, her – or it.

Constable Cal Dion, once an up-and-coming star detective, is back on general duties, feeling out-of-the-loop and rebellious. What he needs is a new love interest to replace his ex and mend his broken heart, so when on a routine canvassing task he finds himself questioning a most attractive witness, one he feels is peripheral enough to the crawl-space murder investigation that he is safe in asking her out, he does just that. But Dion’s choices have a way of taking him into the very heart of trouble…

Meanwhile team leader Constable Dave Leith is in the thick of the crawl space killing. It is a case he finds complicated by rumours, Halloween mayhem, mythical creatures, and his own adjustments to big-city living. But he may have to face it, the haunting season has brought out not just the ghouls for himself and his team, but possibly a shapeshifter as well -- one which has acquired a keen thirst for blood.  

When an ambitious young rookie is lured into the woods and bludgeoned to death, Leith and his team double their efforts to bring down the killer, whose crimes are escalating with stunning speed. The suspect they finally pin a name on is a young lycanthrope with a troubled past, and the evidence left on Constable Jackie Randall’s body points at him squarely. But is he a werewolf or a scapegoat? For the first time Dion and Leith put aside their differences and work together, and surprisingly well, in order to tackle – literally – the creep who killed their colleague. At the end of the day, they are left with no single answer neatly wrapped, but a shocking chain of circumstances pointing straight into the twilight zone.