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The Arthur Ellis Awards are "...a group of Canadian literary awards, presented annually by the Crime Writers of Canada for the best Canadian crime and mystery writing published in the previous year." (Wikipedia).

COLD GIRL won the 2014 Unhanged award for Best Unpublished First Crime Novel, a category introduced in 2007, and COLD GIRL was released in March 2016.

What the Arthur Ellis judges had to say:
"Cold Girl, a polished and quite literary procedural featuring Dion, a traumatized and brain-damaged detective sent to a misty, ominous region of northern British Columbia to assist in the investigation of a missing rising star . . . . The tone of this novel is dark, emotionally resonant, and literate, with many well-drawn characters. The landscape becomes one of those characters."

Smart urbanite RCMP Constable Dion isn't prepared for snow and silence and scary dark forests. Yet this is where he finds himself following a life-altering car crash, dumbed down and posted in the snowbound Hazeltons of northern B.C. to help find the Rockabilly Princess, a local country-singing pop star.

But how can he find pop stars when he can't find his own keys?

Constable David Leith has his own demons to fry; he's trying to take down the monster who has been murdering young women on his watch. Now the young singer Kiera Rilkoff is missing. Has she also fallen victim to the so-called Pickup Killer?

The urgency ramps up as one missing becomes two; another young woman, not much more than a ghost to the investigators, seems to also have gone lost in the drifts.

Not until the bitter end does Leith discover who is the coldest girl of all.