"Greenaway brings a keen understanding of love, loyalty, frailty, and greed to her multilayered series debut."  Kirkus Reviews

"R.M. Greenaway's dark and haunting BC Blues series introduces a cast of finely rendered, flawed and unforgettable characters.... The result is a mystery that is both a gripping depiction of police procedure and a deep reflection of human nature." Deryn Collier, author of Confined Space and Open Secret

"Both he [Dion] and Greenaway have made impressive debuts ... headed toward genuine crime-fiction acclaim."  London Free Press

"When both constables get involved in a pair of hugely intricate murder cases, one of them of the serial variety, each reveals investigative strengths that give an already strong narrative an extra edge, all of which promises more good things ahead for Greenaway's RCMP series."  Toronto Star

"Greenaway is at her finest when she takes us up into the cold, forbidding wilderness, where few comforts serve to ease the mind or body."  Globe and Mail