RM Greenaway is a Canadian novelist.  The first in the series, COLD GIRL, won an Arthur Ellis award in 2014.  

Wikipedia describes The Arthur Ellis Awards as "...a group of Canadian literary awards, presented annually by the Crime Writers of Canada for the best Canadian crime and mystery writing published in the previous year."

Wikipedia goes on to say, "The awards are named for Arthur Ellis, the pseudonym of Canada's official hangman. The award statue itself is wooden model of a hanging man. The arms and legs move when the statue's string is pulled."

COLD GIRL won the Unhanged award for Best Unpublished First Crime Novel (a category introduced in 2007), and though there is no string on her statue and the arms and legs don't move, RM couldn't be more pleased and proud.



"Greenaway brings a keen understanding of love, loyalty, frailty, and greed to her multilayered series debut." - Kirkus Reviews

"R.M. Greenaway's dark and haunting BC Blues series introduces a cast of finely rendered, flawed and unforgettable characters. In COLD GIRL, Greenaway is unflinching as she stitches together mundane evil, everyday ignorance and quiet kindnesses.  The result is a mystery that is both a gripping depiction of police procedure and a deep reflection of human nature." - Deryn Collier (Confined Spaces; Open Secrets)

"A series to watch." - Booklist (March 2016)


COLD GIRL is set for publication through Dundurn Press on March 26, 2016.